Referral & Mastermind Group


Our Philosophy

Is built around the premise of paying it forward.  As business owners, our members struggle with many of the same challenges.  How do we grow?  How do we become more visible?  How do we better communicate our value?  At (insert our correct name here) we give our members a forum to share perspectives, experiences, ideas, contacts and, of course, referrals.  Our group is small but powerful!  We build on the experiences of others to build our members up.

We insist our members are customer focused and committed to helping each member grow by acting as a ‘team’, offering guidance, acceptance and support.

We strongly believe in members who ask first “What can I bring to the group” rather than “What will I get out of the group?”

Justin Warthe


Ellen Mann


Justin Warthe’s interest in the Calgary real estate business started early. He often says he spent his childhood ‘growing up on a construction site’. Justin’s father and many other family members are involved in local commercial and residential development as well as home building.

Justin has invested in the Calgary real estate market for over a decade. He knows the local market extremely well, and uses that knowledge to benefit his clients whether they’re buyers or sellers. Justin puts the needs of his clients first knowing if they’re happy, he’ll succeed.

Justin surrounds himself with ‘like minded individuals’ knowing that will ultimately mean those he refers will care for his clients as he would.

Ellen is a Calgary Home Stager. As the owner and principal Staging Stylist at Chrysalis Creative Home Staging, Ellen is a Real Estate Marketing Expert.

After 16 years staging Calgary homes part-time, while working full-time in Calgary’s busy oil patch, Ellen made a move to full time home staging and Chrysalis was born.

Ellen holds two certifications in Behavior Change Management to go with her Canadian Certified Staging Professionals designation. She understands why people buy the way they do, and knows how to positively influence those decisions.

Ellen brings a talent for understanding both people and business without sacrificing one for the other. She is professional and sensitive when dealing with home owners and real estate professionals alike.

Because Ellen’s clients are paramount to her, the trades and other professionals she refers to them must share that mindset. Successful businesses remember their clients are the reason they exist.